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das kleine glück (a little piece of happiness). Anarchy in the Outskirts or Chaos in Suburbia?

(Source: Work in Progress, Susanne Kratochwil & Josef Benedikt)

Thanks to the current research project “das kleine glück” (a little piece of happiness), since 2003, a controversy with spatial choreographies has found its place. This research project is concerned with spatial analyses of Vienna from a cultural studies perspective. Spatial-structural meanings and signs of time and use are to be traced by means of two axes running through the city of Vienna: the Triester Strasse and the Wagramer Strasse.

“das kleine glück” considers a cross-section of lifestyles, perspectives and experiences from people of this city. Urban spaces are depicted both geographically as well as on the basis of perceptions, assessments and evaluations.

The 11 planned sections of the book show aesthetic and practical procedures for abstraction as well as illustrated peculiarities in and around Vienna.


Up to now, 52 experts, some working in teams, have been invited to trace the little pieces of happiness in space and time; this enables a wide thematic diversification. In the center of this project are the linking actions between the street as an integrated web of relationships (people, objects, memories, experiences, biographies), i.e., the contextualization of street(space), and the effect of individual Konstitutionsleistungen, how city and street are made into and perceived as space.

Interdisciplinary teams of authors are working on contributions that are scientific, artistic or based on everyday practices. These are based on individual publications, graduate theses etc., or are initiating something completely new. City planners and historians, artists and geographers, media artists and architects are among the types of experts working together in teams.

The international composition of the group of authors, or rather the “location” of the treatment of topics, is also worth mentioning. Contributions, pictures and texts come from Australia, the USA and France, while finds and SCHMUCKPERSONENS come from Africa, South Korea, Japan, Chile, Turkey, Germany and Uruguay.

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